The Kandle by Ozeri II reading lamp promises pure enjoyment of reading.

Dimmed light, a good cup of tea, soft music, candlelight and your favourite cuddle blanket over your legs. This is how a relaxing afternoon or evening with a good book could be like. Although the book today is an approximately A5-large display and a technique that involves thousands of pages in this one single book. The E-book reader is lightweight and is increasingly favoured amongst avid readers and bookworms. But what happens when the light is not sufficient, or must be turned so bright that it unfavourably reflects the display? The lack of integrated backlight of many e-book readers of today makes it difficult to decipher the letters, follow the exciting story or interesting facts of the book. Then the reading fun is over, unless the nicely shaped petite and inviting Kandle by Ozeri II reading lamp is switched on. This little miracle of light creates a pleasant reading atmosphere and promises pure enjoyment of reading with each E-book reader.

The for E-book Readers designed reading lamp Kandle by Ozeri II is meanwhile the favourite companion of every electronic reader, and of course also for the Amazon Kindle. With only 43 grams, it is very light and when connected it is barely noticeable yet comfortably easy to read because of the perfect light. The three LEDs on the clamp lamp with its gentle and pleasant light are not tiring to the eyes and can be adjusted in two stages. The clip light itself is flexible and perfectly illuminates every single letter without annoying reflections or shadows by simply being tilted in a diagonal of 25 cm or 10 inches. The sophisticated WideLip handle gently clings to the device, is rubberised on its inner sides of the clip and therefore also protects the screen from scratches or other damage. With commercially available and inexpensive button cells, the CR2032, spare batteries included, the Ozeri Kandle II E-book reader lamp promises long lasting light and thus pure enjoyment of reading.

Kandle by Ozeri II grey


Kandle by Ozeri II black